When and why may I need to consult an IBCLC ?

    • During pregnancy :

You can consult before the birth of your baby to prepare for baby’s arrival and so

  • find answers to your questions about breastfeeding.
  • have accurate information about breastfeeding and sort out myth from reality.
  • benefit from practical information to get off to a good start nursing your baby.
    • After baby is born :

You can consult :

  • If you have questions or are worried about your baby’s weight gain.
  • If you want to verify if your baby is feeding efficiently.
  • If you have any breast or nipple pain.
  • If you have any questions about how often or how long your baby is feeding.

    “My baby is always at the breast.” or “My baby doesn’t nurse very often.” Is that normal ?

  • If you want to know how to deal with engorgement or mastitis.
  • If you want to know if you can continue breastfeeding if you or your baby are ill.
  • If you have questions about breastfeeding and going back to work.
  • If you want to know how to pump and store your milk.
  • If you have any questions on weaning.
    • Other questions:
  • Breastfeeding a premature baby.
  • Breastfeeding a baby with a handicap.
  • Relactation or stimulating your lactation.
  • Induced lactation or adoptive nursing.
  • Any other questions you might have.